The View 100 ways

Goodbye to The View - and hello to 100 Ways in 100 Days™

After nearly 14 wonderful years of amazing campaigns and amazing clients, The View has now closed.

It has been winding down since founder Sue Skeats had a eureka moment – and felt her time, energy and heart were better deployed in helping save the planet instead.

She was catapulted into the world of sustainability after witnessing a Deliveroo driver, delivering a bubble tea (in two bags, plus wadges of serviettes and a plastic knife and fork), on his moped, from a café just three minutes walk away, to a young woman in the office above. An hour later, Sue spotted it totally undrunk, in all its packaging, in a landfill bin, right next to plastic and paper recycling. She was aghast at how people could live their lives so unsustainably and was determined to do something about it.

Enter 100 Ways in 100 Days. It’s a new fun and engaging, behaviour changing, e-learning programme, developed with support from the University of Surrey. Based on psychology and the theory of margin gains it empowers employees to work, live and think more sustainably, via a programme of super-achievable nuggets, hints and hacks for daily life.

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